Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Six Figure Internet Entrepreneurs Secrets

Six Figure Internet Entrepreneurs Secrets: "My mission was to find proven "money-makers" that even the little guy can start using immediately, with little or no investment, to rake-in the cash... $200... $600... even $1,400 a month, or more... with no advanced computer skills and no techie expertise!"

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Monday, 25 May 2009

"HEY! Stop Paying For Information!.."

"HEY! Stop Paying For Information!.."

 • Are you fed up trying to understand all those Google AdWords books that read like hi-tech manuals?• Do you think that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is far too complicated to fully understand?• Are you afraid that you’re Google Adwords spending will get out of control?• Are you worried that you will not get any results, and end up with nothing to show for all your efforts?• Does it concern you that you will waste a lot of your money and time, on trial and error?
• Are you just too scared to even give Google Adwords a try, for fear of losing your shirt?

• Do you realize how much business that you are missing, by not using Google Adwords?

The “How to Avoid Going Broke Using Google Adwords” DVD Training Workshop will show you:-

• How to set campaign objectives and identify key performance indicators
• How to design your campaign structure
• How to understand Google Quality Scores and their pivotal role in ad positioning
• How Quality Score determines your minimum cost per click
• How to set up your account and create your first ad
• How to navigate the AdWords control panel and maintain your campaigns
• How to customize ad display and distribution settings
• The pros and cons of distribution on partner sites
• How to specify regional and city targeting
• The #1 way to capitalize on local targeting
• The special characteristics of Local Business Ads for Google Maps
• The 4 keyword matching options - how and when to use them
• Tips and tools for developing a great keyword list
• How to write an effective ad
• How to avoid the biggest mistake when testing ad copy variations
• How to run A/B landing page split run tests the easy way
• 7 ways to optimize landing page conversion rates
• How to calculate your maximum click bid and break even point
• How to set a campaign budget
• How to customize ad delivery with scheduling
• How to optimize Quality Scores
• How to manage bids and bid strategy
• How to track conversion results
• How to set up reporting and carry out performance analysis
• How to manage by return on investment (ROI) criteria
• What you need to know about click fraud

Your “How to Avoid Going Broke Using Google Adwords” DVD Set Includes:

  • Expert instruction from a Certified Paid Search Management professional.
  • DVD format so you can watch sessions as many times as you want at your leisure.
  • Vital tools and calculators that help you keep spending under control at all times.
  • A logical sequence of events so you understand the full process as it unfolds.
  • Step by step demonstrations of the Google Adwords control panel in action,
  • Help to familiarize you with how each function works.
  • Formulas for those who prefer them, and simple point and click tools for those who don't.
  • Easy to understand language that everyone can follow.
So whether you are already using Google AdWords or just considering it, this is one DVD set you will want to see.

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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Stop Smoking with Self Hypnosis

This is a very important time for me as i have become a non smoker after 40 years of being one, and it all started with me using one of my own products that we have been promoting for over a year now.

The term "Acres of Diamonds" come to mind and for those who do not know this story, the fable relates to us searching all over the world for the things that we are pursuing, and in the end we find them right under our own noses, and in our own back yard.

Such is the case of me, and having all this information laying dormant on my hard drive, decided to give it a go.

I have not used patches, lozenges, chewing gum, or any other form of replacement therapy currently being marketed to the world and his son.

There has only been a couple of occasions where a thought came into my head saying "God i could do with a fag", but a voice inside of me said "Why would you want to do that, you dont smoke"

How weird is that!!!

You have got to give this a go if you really want to Stop Smoking

Click the links within this post to take you there and let me know how you get on.

To your healthy future

Stop Smoking Now

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Natural Health Remedies

This is a great web site for the promotion of Natural Health Remedies

They have been used for almost everything, from calming you’re stressed out nerves, to reducing any pain you might be experiencing.

There are many reasons for trying out natural health remedies as part of your everyday healthy life style, as it will help you make a better informed decision about your general well being, and especially if you are confused by contradictory claims.

Natural health remedies cover all aspects of the healing spectrum, not only herbal products and supplements, but there is a huge world wide interest in aromatherapy, reflexology, magnet therapy, colour therapy, acupuncture, yoga and meditation, hypnosis and self hypnosis, and even Feng Shui.

So go along now, have a good look around, and find out more about your Natural Health Remedies

Keep healthy the natural way


Saturday, 17 November 2007

Get Google Ads Free

A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to get your Google AdWords pay-per-clicks FREE!

A gentleman from New York discovered what he calls an “oversight” on the part of 99.9% of all marketers that allows him to get otherwise paid-for advertising at Google as well as all other search engines that allow sponsored ads.

And no, nothing about his “secret” is illegal – nor does it require that you know someone on the “inside” at Google, Yahoo, MSN, Overture and others.

Instead, the New Yorker boasts proudly “…this is something that I caught onto just before 2000 when there was so much search engine craze running around, and started doing small just to test things at first … but which I later expanded on after getting the hang of it.”

This same fellow went on to start and operate sixteen separate online companies selling everything from pet food, DVDs, children’s toys & games, books, software, and sold not only his own manufactured products but became an affiliate for other web businesses – all the while applying his mastermind secret.

Over the course of nearly eight years the New Englander confesses “I’ve actually gotten over $87 million in advertising that using my secret I never had to pay for … and the largest share of which was more recently in Google pay-per-clicks as well as other forms of pad advertising at search engines … all of which I got for free …”

So powerful is his secret that he’s able to monopolize any niche online, and can always secure the top premium spots just above the usual organic results featured at most search engines.

He still has to set up an account with the search engines – but after applying his secret he is removed from having to pay for all the costs otherwise involved.
Again, nothing about his secret is either illegal or robs from the search engines.

One spokesperson from one of the most popular search engines said chuckling after being made privy to this amazing secret “Wow! Ha! This is really unique … and in my expert opinion it would only serve to enhance and bring more business to us at [name of search engine withheld for legal & confidentiality reasons] and not cause us to lose business in the slightest. Amazing!”

The northerner revealed that in this nearly eight years’ period of time since applying his secret he’s done well over $300 million in sales revenue with a most diverse line of products, and most recently in the last two years netted nearly $166 million after really “buckling down and pressing my secret to its fullest potential.”

Now to everyone else’s fortune, the city slicker is releasing his secret for getting an unlimited amount of pay-per-click ads to the general public. But he’s not promising any of us for how long.

A bit of an eccentric, the gentleman says “We’ll see just how long I can make it available before it saturates things.”

One famous public web guru pointed out that although this man may gain economically more so as a result of the publication of his secret “he’s already so amazingly rich that whether he continues or discontinues its sale will neither make nor break the man, but not grabbing it for yourself while it’s still available could prove disastrous for you as you may only have one chance, and a very limited one at that, to get this.”

It is currently available at:


…so you may want to head on over there now and get it.

It’s in a very easily readable format and is quickly and readily understood and mastered by anyone with even a 4th grade reading level.

While you’re there, why not scroll down and review for yourself the huge successes others are now having with this incredible breakthrough in targeted advertising now made freely available to the rest of us?


To your success,

David Ford
CEO & Founder
Natural Health Remedies

Saturday, 30 June 2007

How'd You Like A 5 Figure Day

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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Want a list of thousands ... by next Monday?

Hi, interested in a big list?

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